This isn’t your usual cafe review blog, so stay put.

Average Joe Coffeehouse Reviews was created to describe the complete cafe experience that the typical local latte-lover cares about. Cafes are scored not just by the taste of the coffee they serve, but also based on other factors that the average Singaporean may consider essential.

Below is an example of the scoring system you will find on this blog, and all the factors taken into consideration. Read more about our scoring system here!

Overall Score



Average Joes

Let’s all be honest here; the average cafe-goer in Singapore is no coffee connoisseur. We are average joes who aren’t too fussed about details like the type of bean, how its been processed and roasted, or whether the blend combines subtle hints of summer citruses.

All we know is that, as long as the coffee is good, so are we.

So then, what else are the majority of us humble cafe patrons concerned about? Here’s what.

Is there wi-fi? Will this look good on Instagram? Will I be able to get seats? Do they serve food or just coffee?

Hands up if you have ever asked one of these questions before heading to a cafe. I know I sure have.

Something other than Starbucks

For most Singaporeans who seek to satisfy their daily caffeine cravings, the first place that pops into their minds, is Starbucks. That is something that I want to change.

Great coffee and great coffeehouses do exist on our little island. That’s why I started Average Joe. I want to help you discover amazing coffeehouses in your area that you may have never even known about. And my hope is that maybe, you’ll be able to find your new favourite coffee haunt.

Here's to more great coffee.

Average Joe