For our reviews, we score cafés based on 6 different factors, namely — coffee, aesthetic, seating, price, food and wifi. We picked these factors simply because these are what café-goers are most interested in! Sure, great coffee is a must-have, but sometimes we also want a place where we can sit and relax, get some work done or grab a bite.

Overall Score



The Overall Score

The Overall Score is calculated by tallying the total points awarded for each factor. The maximum score is 100, and the each factor is worth different points based on its importance. Below is the breakdown of how the Overall Score is derived.

Coffee (30 points)

Good coffee is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we decided to give it the highest weight. 30 points will be awarded for a 5/5 coffee grade, 24 points for 4/5, 18 points for 3/5 and so on.

Aesthetic (25 points)

The aesthetic of the café can really affect the whole ambience and experience. 25 points will be awarded for a 5/5 aesthetic grade, 20 points for 4/5, 15 points for 3/5 and so on.

Seating (25 points)

Local cafés are usually pretty small with limited seating. Thus, it’s helpful to know beforehand how easily it will be to find seats. 25 points will be awarded for a 5/5 seating grade, 20 points for 4/5, 15 points for 3/5 and so on.

Price (10 points)

Cafés are known to be notoriously pricey. Therefore, we decided to give bonus points to more affordable cafés. 10 points will be awarded for a $ price grade, 7 points for $$, and 4 points for $$$.

Food (5 points)

At times, we go to cafés for brunch, lunch or just some light bites. Some cafés focus on serving coffee only, so having food is a nice bonus. 5 points will be awarded if the café serves food, and 0 points if otherwise.

Wifi (5 points)

While wifi is highly sought after by many, the lack of it has a minimal impact as we all have data plans these days anyway. 5 points will be award if the café has wifi, and 0 points if otherwise.

With this scoring system, you'll have everything you need to know about the café at just one glance.

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