Glyph Supply Co.

April 26, 2019

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In town, where the malls are huge and the crowds are thronging, shopping can feel like a sport. After an exhausting day for both us and our wallets, what we really long for is a good and affordable cup of coffee. For the longest time, that in itself has proven to be a huge challenge, but not any more! Among the slew of new shops in the recently remodelled TripleOne Somerset, is Glyph Supply Co. — the newest café and roaster in town.

glyph supply co 1


Glyph’s coffees are made with their own freshly roasted beans. Their coffee roaster housed in-store, and the occasional aroma of coffee beans roasting is assurance of that.

glyph supply co 2 Glyph's Stronghold coffee roaster

Glyph’s coffee menu is simple and modest — white, black, filter, or cold brew. For espresso-based and filter drinks, they usually have multiple options to choose from. In my past visits, I have tried various whites and filters, all of which were delightful and satisfying.

glyph supply co 3 Affogato

There is actually another coffee option not listed on their menu. And it’s none other than the Affogato — a scoop of ice cream dunked in a shot of espresso. The ice cream is from Cottontail Creamery and it’s absolutely delicious. What happens when you combine good coffee with good ice cream? One way to find out!

glyph supply co 4


From white furniture to white brewing equipment (and even white aprons), Glyph’s all white interior is a minimalist’s dream come true. Its exceptionally high ceiling and clean aesthetic draws attention to some of their highlights — the “old school” wall menu as well as the beautiful Modbar espresso machine built into the countertop. Perhaps the two most recognisable features of Glyph.

Another hard to miss feature, is the huge cabinet that spans from the ground all the way to the ceiling. It is actually a temperature controlled storage area for their coffee green beans! I’m rather impressed at how seamlessly it has been built into the wall, such that it feels like a part of the café and not just a piece of furniture.

glyph supply co 5


Though the high ceiling can make the place feel big, Glyph is actually only medium sized, and they have enough seats for around 30 to 40 people. The tables are generously spaced apart, with ample walking room and personal space for everyone.

glyph supply co 6

As seating options go, there are high tables available and they’ve also set up counter seats around the bar, where you can be mesmerised by the baristas as they work their magic.


Nowhere else in town will you be able to get a white at $5.50. Glyph’s coffees are the most affordable in town and ironically, perhaps the best as well. Their filters are priced seasonally based on the bean they are using at the moment. As a rough gauge, I’ve tried 2 different filters and they were priced at $7 and \$8. And it gets better, as there is no GST or service charge.

glyph supply co 7


While Glyph does not prepare their own food, they do serve some bakes, tarts and cakes from Carpenter & Cook. You can expect options like the Yuzu Cheesecake, the Chocolate Sea Salt Tart, or the Cinnamon Roll, among others.

glyph supply co 8 Yuzu Cheesecake

Aside from coffee, Glyph also serves a variety of teas from Rishi Tea. I’m no expert but these are organic teas and I believe Glyph is one of the few, if not the only place in Singapore that serves this particular brand of tea.

glyph supply co 9

With Glyph Supply Co. now open, gone are the days of paying for overpriced and mediocre coffee in town. A beautiful space committed to serving excellent coffee, Glyph is, unsurprisingly, becoming increasingly popular among coffee lovers and shoppers alike. The next time you’re in town and craving a quality cup of joe, Glyph is exactly where you’d want to be.


Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 7:30pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 7:30pm