January 26, 2019

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When I heard that a new café had opened up in Beauty World, my very own neighbourhood, I couldnʼt wait to check it out. I rallied my gang, headed over, and we found ourselves absolutely wowed by what we saw. FlagWhite has everything you could ask for in a café: great coffee, plenty of food choices and itʼs not too crowded, even on weekends! For now, at least.

flagwhite 1 Filter


FlagWhiteʼs coffee is supplied by a relatively new local roaster, Quarter Life Coffee Roasters. And itʼs good coffee! Other than the usual Brazil, Kenya or Columbia single origins, they had another, rather unique option that caught my eye. This was the Yay Chang Pyin single origin coffee from Myanmar. Out of curiosity, I decided to try it on filter. It was a well-balanced brew, and I was pleasantly surprised by its taste.

flagwhite 2 Espresso Tasting Flight

On another visit, I tried the Yay Chang Pyin again, this time as an Espresso Tasting Flight. This is a double shot espresso, where one shot is served as an espresso and the other is served as a white coffee. The espresso was smooth and flavourful, and as expected the white was really enjoyable.

Home brewers, rejoice! FlagWhite sells beans from Quarter Life Coffee Roasters, including the Yay Chang Pyin!

flagwhite 3


As I took in the caféʼs setup, I noticed that FlagWhite seems to have incorporated ladders into their decor. Itʼs unconventional but also pretty cool. Ladders aside, the concrete flooring, grey walls and open ceiling gives the space a very clean, monochrome aesthetic. Warm lighting, wooden furnishing and indoor greenery personalises the area and brings the café to life. The huge coffee bar is a sight to behold, boasting all black brewing equipment, in particular their stunning Sanremo coffee machine.

flagwhite 4


FlagWhite is a decently sized café. However, from their seating arrangement, itʼs clear that they have prioritised their patronsʼ comfort over maximising the number of chairs and tables in the café. Having fewer seats results in a more comfortable seating environment and ample walking space. As the general rules go - the less cramped and clustered the seating arrangement, the better the experience for everyone.

flagwhite 5

Still the café looks like it can accommodate about 40 people, with tables of different sizes and countertop seats too. All the way in, there is also a large table that can seat a bigger group of around 8 people.


At $5 for a white and $7 for filter coffee, FlagWhiteʼs coffee is very reasonably priced, especially if you consider how good it is! For $6 - $10 you can get some light bites, or if you are feeling hungry, their mains are priced at $14 - $16. And, my favourite bit, thereʼs no GST and service charge.

flagwhite 6 Bangers And Mash


I wouldnʼt normally expect cafés with good coffee to offer much or any food at all, as they are usually focused on the coffee. But FlagWhite has challenged the norm by having a fair variety of food options. Their menu offers light bites, mains and salads. And if you’re feeling creative, they even offer an option to create your own brunch! Weʼve only tried the mains thus far, but rest assured, itʼs tasty stuff.

flagwhite 7 Flagwhite Burger

flagwhite 8 Panko Breaded Fish And Chips

Also, their menu is rather humorous, so you might want to take a closer look when youʼre there.

flagwhite 9

Compared to other cafés in Beauty World, FlagWhite is a bit of a walk from the MRT station. However, their somewhat ulu location is made up for by their delicious coffee and comfortable ambience. The next time youʼre in the area (or not), stop by this new-comer in Beauty World. Youʼll find that the visit is definitely worthwhile.


Mon – Fri: 10am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 9pm
Tues: Closed